BonCoop is born…


from an idea of Aivan Bonafè, a trained chef, eco-entrepreneur and world-traveler that pioneered the natural health movement in Europe. While confronted with the difficulty of finding fresh, qualitative dates he embarks on a long journey and creates a network for his clients.

It was a warm summer day of August in Munich, Bavaria Germany. “In that period I was commuting often trough Austria and Germany giving seminars about natural health, raw foods and working in organic farms. I was confronted with the difficulty to find fresh, ripe fruit available when moving from one place to the other and natural, untreated dates became quickly a staple in my diet.” One day Aivan had to wait for a carshare ride to Austria. “I walked around Munich and came across fresh Bahri Dates. It was a special day and date for me, I knew it! I began to buy large quantities and develop a network with friends. The Coop was born by and with people. Many of my contacts had the same necessity: I wanted to share the possibility of them to access fresh, natural dates and started a European wide network trough my blog.”

From the early desire to share the nourishing taste of delicious dates we soon started to partner up with producers and importers. After repetitive travels to remote places visiting local producers and farms, he begins to select and import the quality following ethical and responsible criteria.

Our team grow modestly and we included more qualities in our stock. Our Criteria of Selection are based on: quality, health and ethics. We aim to promote products that taste delicious, are a good source of health boosting vitamins and grown using responsible practices. “A win-win for the planet and its people”.